Alexandra housing: ANC councillors stick their noses where it does not belong - statement by Cllr Thandi Nontenja (UDM Gauteng Provincial Secretary and Councillor in the Greater Johannesburg Metropolitan Council) (29 November 2010)

The United Democratic Movement (UDM) in Johannesburg welcomes the court interdict that prevents the Alexandra Renewal Project and the Johannesburg City Council from unfairly and irregularly allocating houses in Alexandra Extension 10.

The housing allocation process in Alexandra has been fraught with corruption, favouritism and lack of transparency. Why is it that ANC councillors are part of the allocation process?

The UDM supports the plight of the Alexandra Vukuzenzele Crisis Committee and deplores the actions of the ANC councillors and the Alexandra Renewal Project who seem to play favourites and use government resources to further their own agendas.