Presidential pardon list is one-sided - statement by Mr Humphrey Nobongoza (UDM Secretary General) (26 October 2010)

The UDM joins other political parties in condemning the manner in which Government is refusing to cooperate in the matter of political prisoners, despite a Supreme Court ruling.

We now note with concern that the list of people who will be considered for Presidential pardons seems to contain only ANC members. This threatens to become a politically-motivated injustice with qualifying members of other political parties languishing in jail, whilst ANC members are released. Such a move would demonstrate yet again that the ANC believes there is one law for itself and its members, and another for the rest of the country.

The legitimacy of democracy depends on judicial processes being seen to be fair and impartial. The ANC cannot simply make a mockery of justice one day, and the next day claim to be concerned about crime and injustice in this country.