Instability at Department of Public Works - statement by Mr Lennox Gaehler, MP (UDM Public Works Spokesperson) (20 October 2010)

The UDM is concerned by the various problems that are cropping up at the Department of Public Works, as revealed in the latest report of the Department currently before Parliament.

There are a variety of factors that are causing the current situation, not least of all the high turnover of staff.

However all of these factors seem to stem from an underlying cause, namely: political instability at the very top. It seems that there has been a conflict between the Minister and Deputy Minister. Apparently the situation has led to a complete breakdown of the relationship between the two, with the Deputy Minister rumoured to have tendered her resignation.

This type of personality and political conflict at the very top of several Government departments is resulting in even more service delivery issues and lower morale among civil servants.