Crime statistic - statement by the UDM President (9 September 2010)

The UDM welcomes the announcement of the latest crime statistics. Even though these statistics are 6 months out of date it is welcome to note the apparent drop in the number of violent crimes reported. South Africans will be especially relieved with the reported 8% decrease in murders.

Nevertheless a certain amount of scepticism will prevail because of Government’s refusal to release crime statistics on a more regular and timely basis. As far as the latest improvements are concerned, we can only celebrate when there have been many years of steady improvements. Until we reach the point where thousands of South Africans a month are not falling victim to crime, the UDM will continue to demand better performance from the authorities.

The UDM urges Government to continue with and intensify the implementation of special courts, as were used during the Soccer World Cup. The police and courts should be congratulated for the swift and efficient manner in which crime was dealt with during the World Cup; it could be the first step in winning the war against crime.