ANCYL anti-court statements are anti-democratic - statement by Mr Velile Yayi (UDMYV National Spokesperson) (3 August 2010)

The ANCYL statements in the past days regarding court judgments pertaining to the ANCYL‘s internal battles for leadership cannot go unchallenged. The ANCYL must understand that not every judgment made by the courts will favour Malema and his cabal. Therefore they must respect our judges and the decorum of the courts, and if not satisfied with a particular judgment to challenge that at the appropriate forums and in the appropriate manner.

The UDMYV will not sit and watch while the ANCYL is busy undermining our judiciary system. It is disrespectful and anti-democratic to call honourable judge’s outcomes “drunk”. What is important is that the ANCYL must get their own internal democracy machinery working so that their actions against their own members cannot be challenged in the courts of law.