Celebrity justice - statement by Chief Stanley Ntapane, MP (UDM Justice Spokesperson) (22 July 2010)

The UDM is deeply disturbed by reports that the drunk driving charge against Doctor Khumalo has been dropped because the blood sample evidence has gone missing. The charge of negligent or reckless driving still stands, but this latest development raises serious questions.

Why does it seem that whenever celebrities and the elite appear in our courts they are held to a different standard than others? ‘Celebrity justice’ is a miscarriage of justice – we should also be equal before the law.

Another aspect of these celebrity court cases is that they highlight the inherent flaws and weaknesses in the justice system. Those with money can afford to pay for lawyers who are able to exploit or avoid the flaws in the system to protect their clients, whereas the victims in a case like this have to rely on a state prosecutor who is almost certainly over-worked, underpaid and hamstrung by bureaucracy and corruption in the system.