Serious questions about Minister Nyanda - statement by the UDM President (15 July 2010)

The UDM is perturbed by the detailed report in the Business Day today regarding the conduct of Minister Nyanda. It would appear that the Minister is involved in a conflict with the Director General of Communications. Such a conflict is deeply troubling because it has a direct impact on service delivery when the line-function Minister and his most senior official have severe differences.

It is reported that the Director General is on the verge of being removed from her position, which would only aggravate the destabilisation of the Department’s work.

What is even more disturbing is that the reported source of the conflict between the Minister and the DG relates to undue ministerial interference in state tenders to favour people linked to the Minister. The UDM has repeatedly called on the ANC to ban this behaviour of ‘political directives’ by Ministers.

The UDM calls on Government to establish independent state tender boards to prevent interference by politicians or officials in the awarding of lucrative tenders.