World Cup potential long-term benefits- statement by the UDM President (8 June 2010)

Former President Nelson Mandela brought us the World Cup with his unrelenting support for the South African bid. Former President Mbeki and his cabinet did a sterling job to meet the infrastructure requirements for hosting the World Cup, by ensuring that the necessary stadiums, roads and rail infrastructure were developed.

This is the type of infrastructure intervention that can improve the economy and the country, which the UDM has called for in our economic policy.

We urge President Zuma and his government to continue the good work started by the previous administrations, by cascading the infrastructure to the outlying areas. Road infrastructure, in particular, outside the major metropolitan areas is in a dire state.

The National Road Agency should be tasked with taking over the maintenance and upgrade of provincial roads.

The World Cup has given the country an invaluable opportunity to kick-start development and it is up to this Government to make full use of it.

We must thank Fifa for their support of the South African bid over the past few years, which has allowed us to use the World Cup as a rallying call to develop our country and advance nation-building.

Let us enjoy the festivities and rally behind our team, in the knowledge that we have made important investments in the future of our country.