Address in the Debate: 2010 FIFA World Cup by the UDM President (3 June 2010)


Mister Speaker and honourable Members

We are on the eve of a historic event for our country. The value of such an event cannot be measured in Rands and Cents alone. If we are committed and fortunate, the FIFA World Cup will deliver to us a month of goodwill amongst South Africans, as well as between us and the rest of the world. That is a month of goodwill that could add immensely to nation-building and to our standing among the peoples of the world.

We are a country of intense emotions at certain times. However for the next month we are in a position to show first-hand to hundreds of thousands of visitors how friendly and easy-going we are most of the time. Not to speak of the opportunity to showcase our beautiful country to tens of millions of potential tourists via television broadcasts.
The World Cup has had an impact on the socio-economic landscape of the country, in terms of infrastructure development. As a result we were cushioned from the effects of the recession when it occurred. It is our hope that these developments will be cascaded beyond the host stadiums and cities. How I wish that the SA Roads Agency, which has done a sterling job on certain highways, could be empowered to expand their efforts to all provincial roads.

Time does not allow me to mention all the individuals that made this historic event a reality. But allow me to salute former President Mandela and the leadership of football in South Africa during the 90s – they had the vision and gumption to mount a serious bid, which eventually succeeded in convincing the world.

We also once more thank the Local Organising Committee for turning the idea into reality once we won the bid.

We wish Bafana Bafana the best of luck; we will be supporting you all the way. In the spirit of non-interference, Mr Speaker, I would like to offer this reminder to the national coach: It is goals that win matches. The recent trend of goal-scoring by Bafana Bafana is a welcome development, may they continue to strike the back of the net regularly for another 5 weeks.

I thank you.