Open letter to Minister Sicelo Shiceka, Corporative Governance and Traditional Affairs and Minister Nathi Mthethwa, Police Service, regarding "Undemocratic activities:Thabazimbi (Limpopo)" from the UDM President (13 May 2010)

It has been learnt with great concern that democratic processes at Thabazimbi in Limpopo are being violated by certain individuals who do not want to accept defeat.

The by-election results of 9 December 2009 at the abovementioned Municipality reflect that Mr Stephen Gabaetsiwi Lerumo, an independent candidate, won the by-election by 74, 6% over Mr Selomo who got 25, 4%. This reflects the will of the people in that ward.

It has been learnt with great shock and serious concern that Mr Selomo is allegedly intimidating members of the community by:-
(a) insulting them that they are liars,
(b) manipulate and incite certain members of the community against Councillors,
(c) charging community members between R5000 and R7000 for job opportunities in nearby mines,
(d) charging between R400 and R700 for burial space and no receipts are issued,
(e) cases opened at Police Station against him do not get processed by the Police,
(f) tell community members that there will be no development in their area as they have voted an independent candidate whose budgetary requirements will not be approved by the ANC,
(g) certain community members were brutally assaulted by Police when they were arrested ,
(h) Arresting of Ward Committee members and other community members who supported the Independent Councillor. This occurred on 24 April 2010,
(i) community members who visited the arrested members were also arrested without cause.

It is also relevant to mention the fact that out of anger, community members started rioting and burnt four houses belonging to Mr Selomo and his associates. This resulted in the arrest of the culprits. The total number of people arrested in the course of all such activities is 110 people.

It is serious cause for concern to find a situation whereby democratic processes in the form of people exercising their right to choose their preferred candidate are being flouted by a man who feels disgruntled by the election results.

It is my fervent plea that this matter receives your very urgent attention for if left unattended it may cause serious problems in the area.

Your usual co-operation is appreciated.

Yours in Nation building.

B Holomisa, MP
UDM President