Memo to the Minister S Ndebele, Minister of Transport, regarding "Gauteng Public Passenger Road Transport special emergency measures regulations, 2010: taxi harassment" from the UDM President (12 May 2010)
Further to my letter of 15 April 2010 to which no reply has as yet been received, it has been received with great shock that you have, instead of addressing the concerns of the taxi industry, decided to promulgate regulations prescribing closure of almost all taxi routes servicing the communities of the Gauteng Province especially areas falling under Witwatersrand Taxi Association (WOTA) and Johannesburg Taxi Associations.

In my letter cited here-above all the complaints contained therein have not been addressed but instead continued harassment of taxi owners and drivers seems to be the order of the day.

I again further implore your indulgence in this very pathetic matter which does not only affect taxi owners, drivers and commuters but also negatively affects the economy of the Country.

Please also take note that the taxi industry is the only sustainable black industry that benefits a larger portion of our community. The prescription for the closure of the taxi routes listed in your Government Gazette Notice no 1334 of 2010 to Witwatersrand African Taxi Association as from 12 May 2010 to 4 June 2010 is a cause for serious concern as no reasons have been furnished for such closure.

Taking into account the salaries and wages of the people employed by that association coupled with the down time of the taxi owners, the amount of damage is inconceivable.

It is my plea to you, Sir, that you intervene in this case as it may cause unwarranted damage both to the affected communities and the Government.

Once again I implore your intervention in this case as a matter of extreme urgency.

Yours in Nation building
B Holomisa MP
UDM President