Address by the UDM President in the National Assembly regarding the Motion of no confidence in the President of the Republic (18 March 2010)

Mr Speaker and honourable Members
Last year in this House we asked the President about the political connections of companies called Clident 1 and Clident 445 PTY LTD, which had an interest in the sale of Vodacom shares by Telkom. To date he has not responded.

This year we asked the President in this House about the massive financial benefit for the ANC from the Eskom/Hitachi deal, which will be partly funded with unpopular tariff hikes and a World Bank loan. Again he failed to respond. Now we are being rushed to agree to a huge World Bank loan for Eskom, just as it was with the Arms Deal. One begins to wonder whether the recent electricity crisis was purposefully staged to create a state of panic, to ensure the approval of this massive Eskom project for the benefit of the ruling party. Meanwhile the majority of citizens of this country are in a state of hopelessness.

The UDM does not have confidence in the ANC and its leadership in Government – it is no better than the Mbeki administration. This looting must come to a stop. I’m reminded of the German expression that the troughs haven’t changed, only the pigs feeding from them.

I thank you.