The quiet corruption - teacher absenteeism by UDM Education Spokesperson (16 March 2010)

The UDM notes with concern the warning by the Chief Economist of the World Bank regarding what he describes as the ‘quiet corruption’ of absenteeism, especially in the Education and Health sectors.

The UDM’s policy on Education emphasises the need to get back to basics; i.e. that teachers must teach and pupils must learn. This basic requirement for proper schooling is not being met at many schools because there is a culture of ill-discipline and absenteeism.

The UDM has repeatedly called for the introduction of school inspectors to ensure that teacher discipline and the culture of learning at schools are ensured. It benefits us little as a society that we spend billions on Education when the foundation of the entire system is undermined by those teachers and schools that have abandoned their duties and obligations. Every year we are reminded in the most graphic fashion of this problem when the Matric results are announced and particular schools have dismal results.

Teaching is a calling and a profession. The UDM is consistently in the forefront of campaigns for better teacher salaries, but this must also come with a commitment from teachers and their unions that the lazy and incompetent teachers will no longer be allowed to undermine the future of our children.