Julius Malema guilty of hate speech - statement by Member of UDEMWO NEC (15 March 2010)

The United Democratic Women’s Movement (UDEMWO) welcomes Johannesburg Equality Court magistrate Colleen Collis’ order that Julius Malema make an unconditional public apology and pay an amount of R50,000 to a centre for abused women.

Malema’s claim that President Jacob Zuma's rape accuser had "a nice time" was not only offensive to the mothers and daughters of this Nation, but to our men who have integrity and respect for women. Mr Malema’s words have countless times shown that he has no respect for others, in this instance especially women, and we hope that he learns that there are consequences for his actions.

Our Nation needs calm and level-headed leaders who understand the meaning and the need for nation-building. Making cruel, rude and inflammatory statements does not serve a constructive purpose; it’s just harmful noise. It is time for the ANC to call this man to order.