President Zuma to blame for Joburg taxi strike - statement by the UDM President (15 March 2010)

Last year, just prior to the elections, President Zuma held a roundtable discussion in Johannesburg with taxi associations and made public commitments to address their concerns regarding the Bus Rapid Transit system. He undertook to resolve their concerns.

Since then there have been no evidence of progress on his undertaking. The taxi industry could be forgiven for wondering whether they were simply being strung along to support the ANC election campaign, or at the very least not to disrupt the ANC's campaign.

There's a developing trend in the country of Government, instead of sending delegations to speak to people, rather sending the police to teargas gatherings. Violence is unacceptable, whether it is committed by the taxi associations or the police.

The relevant Minister must take the matter in hand, instead of hiding behind the police. This Government's disdain for consulting with the public is adding to a perception that we are a country at war with itself.

This strike affects the economy, leaving millions of people stranded in the economic heartland of the country. People are in danger of losing their jobs because they do not have the transport to get to their places of work.