State of the Nation unimpressive - statement by the UDM President (11 February 2010)

The UDM is disappointed by the unimpressive State of Nation speech delivered tonight by President Zuma. It was a speech laden with the word ‘planning’. How much more longer do we need to hear about ‘planning’ without actual delivery taking place?

The sad truth is that the uncertain and hesitant delivery of the speech reflects on the uncertain and stuttering attempts by this government to deliver on its most basic constitutional obligations... never mind actually meeting the ruling party’s electoral promises.

For instance the claim that nearly 500 000 jobs were created last year creates an impression that is not consistent with reality. What is referred to is so-called ‘job opportunities’, whereas nearly a million genuine jobs were lost last year. At best this 500 000 is a case of Palace Statistics.

The purpose of a State of the Nation address is to give an honest assessment of the political, economic and social reality facing the country at the moment; and then to speak about the immediate actions that will be taken to address this. Regrettably, this speech did not offer this and dwelled on platitudes, generalities and ‘announcements’ that we have heard before.