Untold truth about the state of education in SA - statement by UDM National Treasurer (12 January 2010)

While the nation is shocked by the matric results, the untold truth is that there are many matriculants who have ‘passed matric with University entrance’ who only qualify to study for a certificate, or have to pay for additional bridging courses when they had, for instance, mathematical literacy as a subject .

How can a successful matriculant be enthusiastic about studying for a degree that he/she does not want? Career-orientated advice and orientation must be enhanced so that our learners can determine their future careers timeously and can attain the various goals on the way towards their employment.

The Department of Education keeps moving the goal post; why does the ANC government keep on changing its education policies at the expense of our learners? One doesn’t need to be a scientist to know that the standard of education in South Africa is dropping drastically.

The Minister of Basic Education must focus on developing an education policy that is an inclusive process involving all stakeholders.

We read about young people committing suicide, turning to drugs and alcohol, or pursuing a life of crime; is this not a tragic sign of our frustrated youth? We simply cannot afford to destroy the future of this country.