Matric results represent a blow to the aspirations of the youth - statement by UDM Youth Vanguard Spokesperson (11 January 2010)

The UDM Youth Vanguard is dismayed by the bad matric results. South Africans are tired of this annual embarrassment and shock. It looks like the moment this issue disappears from the media nothing is done for the rest of the year, until we repeat the whole cycle when the next round of poor results are released.

There is a lot of talk from Government every January, but no practical solutions are implemented and therefore nothing changes. Every year for more than a decade now we’ve heard the same excuses, reasons and scapegoats: lack of teacher discipline abetted by trade unions, syllabus uncertainty, the inappropriateness of outcomes-based education and poor infrastructure in disadvantaged communities.

Every year thousands of new matriculants enter the job market to compete with millions of other unemployed people. They become part of a new lost generation, who are condemned to poverty because of Government’s inability to provide them with quality education.

It is time to take the obvious practical steps. Firstly, restore teacher and pupil discipline by reintroducing school inspectors, and if the unions want to resist that then they must be reined in. Secondly, abandon inappropriate and constantly changing policies and syllabuses.