Matric results spell tragedy the poor and disadvantaged - statement by UDM Member of the National Assembly (8 January 2010)

The UDM is dismayed by the matric results that have been announced.
Aside from a decline in the national pass rate, there is an underlying trend of horrifically low marks in schools from poor and disadvantaged areas.

It is the poorest townships and most destitute provinces (such as the Eastern Cape) that have fared the worst. It is exactly in these places where the ANC Government has failed for more than a decade now to deliver on its promises of a better life.

The poor and the disadvantaged are not getting proper education and therefore are condemned to remain poor and disadvantaged unless they can overcome almost insurmountable odds. Another lost generation is being created under the stewardship of a government that has fiddled with education policy for 15 years, but has spectacularly failed at getting the basics right.

The UDM has consistently campaigned for a return to the basics. We need teachers to teach and children to learn; that means we require discipline in our schools from both teachers and children. When we look at the schools that perform badly we find time and again that this basic discipline is lacking. This is why the UDM has repeatedly called for the reintroduction of school inspectors who can monitor schools throughout the year, so that we don't have to wait another twelve months to 'discover' belatedly that certain schools are dysfunctional.