UDMYV logoUDM Youth Vanguard condemns disruption of DA event - statement by Mr Malibongwe Luyenge (UDMYV Gauteng Provincial Secretary) (7 December 2009)

The UDM Youth Vanguard calls on all political parties to condemn the disruption of the Democratic Alliance’s Winterveld event where hooligans, some who apparently wore ANC t-shirts, violently disrupted the DA event yesterday. We also expect the ruling party to take a lead in this matter as this type of behaviour is a threat to our democracy.

We believe that those who act in this fashion do not want their corrupt deeds exposed and they do not want other political parties to be vocal on issues that affect this Country.

No political party owns the people of South Africa. We are of the opinion that no opposition party can be compelled to ask a mandate or permission from an ANC (or any other party) councillor. All political parties have the right to address the citizens of this country.

We also give credit to the police services in the area for their alertness;  we really appreciate their swift intervention.