Labour brokers - statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (9 November 2009)

The UDM notes the continued campaign of COSATU and the SACP against labour brokering. Although we would love to believe that their concern is fuelled by principles, it seems much like an attempt to destroy a sector of the economy simply because it does not lend itself to unionisation...after all, the financial survival and political clout of COSATU depends on membership numbers.

As far as the UDM is concerned it cannot just be an arbitrary decision. This must be handled with care, it’s not fair to jeopardise people’s employment and income. Indeed it is this type of heavy-handed behaviour that contributes to the flight of skills. We support the regulation of the industry; if a proper inquiry finds that current regulation is not sufficient.

A white paper must be drafted and extensively debated.