Debate on Curriculum Review Process, contribution by Mr NM Kganyago, UDM Member in the National Assembly (5 November 2009)

Mr Speaker and honourable Members,

The UDM welcomes the overall direction of the curriculum review process that the Minister has announced. The intention to simplify the administrative load of teachers is a worthy objective and something the UDM wholeheartedly supports.

These curriculum changes are moving in the direction of what the UDM has been calling for, namely a “back-to-basics” approach to Education. It should be so obvious that what we need is for teachers to teach and students to study.

We can only hope that these changes will signal the end of the road for the ruling party’s disastrous flirtation with so-called “outcomes based education”. Employers and universities report that many of the matriculants of this policy lack basic learning and comprehension skills.

Now two other important issues need urgent attention. Firstly, Government should re-introduce school inspectors – it is the only way to address the casual disdain for proper education prevalent at many schools. Secondly, the current neglect of career advice at school level must be reversed; relegating such an important topic to the periphery of the curriculum is only contributing to hundreds of thousands of matriculants who annually leave school without any clear idea of what careers the intend to pursue.

I thank you
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