Letter to the editors of newspapers re "Mushwana payout" from Humphrey Nobongoza - UDM Secretary General (30 October 2009)

Dear Sir

I am appalled by the nearly R7 million payout to the outgoing Public Protector (reported in Pretoria News, 30 October). This is an obscene amount that is out of step with the tough economic realities that we ordinary South Africans have to face. This is yet another example of our taxpayer money being splurged to advance the personal wealth and luxury of the ruling elite.

Once again we are being told that it is ostensibly within the rules, but it is obvious that these rules have been written by the ANC to benefit those in power. From where I’m standing it looks like the institutionalised looting of state resources.

If Mr Mushwana had any respect for the poverty and economic suffering in this country, he would not be telling us what is technically allowed, but rather talk about what is morally acceptable.

Humphrey Nobongoza
Secretary General – United Democratic Movement

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