'Bling cars' - different strokes for different folks? - statement by Mr Humphrey Nobongoza - UDM Secretary General (29 October 2009)

The ANC is a very strange organisation.

On the one hand, Minister Trevor Manuel aims his famous acerbic wit at the unfortunate who dares to question the purchase of, amongst others, a BMW reported to have cost R1,2 million (a.k.a. “tools to do work” if one listens to Minister Richard Baloyi defending this spending spree).

On the other hand, it is reported that ANC MPs laid into senior Gauteng government officials for driving flashy cars, but not attending to the plight of poor communities.

The ANC appears to be confused; it seems as if bling cars are OK for some, but not others? As long as ANC leaders at the top don’t practice what they preach, it comes as no surprise that lesser comrades would also stick their fingers in the cookie jar.