Medium Term Budget Policy Statement - statement by Chief SZ Ntapane, MP (UDM Spokesperson on Finance) (27 October 2009)

The UDM welcomes the new Minister’s frank and open assessment of the difficult economic situation. 

It is a tough time for a new Minister to take over, but we are confident that he has the ability to deal with the task.

The UDM is particularly concerned about the effects of the recession on the average South African – people are struggling to make ends meet. Therefore we condemn wasteful and extravagant expenditure by Government, such as the excessively luxury vehicles that many Ministers bought at taxpayer expense. The situation is dire, as reflected by the billions in tax shortfall, which prove that government simply cannot afford to waste precious funding.

The UDM is concerned about the growing budget deficit – it is not healthy to incur such a long-term debt, which our children will inevitably inherit. The UDM is also concerned that the Minister will face an uphill battle against the left-wing of the ruling alliance, who seem to be launching an all-out attack on the idea of the free market – now more than ever the UDM believes that a responsible and caring government should also be a government that allows the entrepreneurial drive of the man in the street to flourish – now is the time to encourage people to create new wealth and prosperity.