Speech during the Debate on SABC inquiry by the PC Communications in the National Assembly by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (1 July 2009)

Mr Speaker and honourable Members

We urge that any intended audit inquiry should have broad terms of reference. When we talk about people failing to discharge their fiduciary duties, such an approach must also include those executive members who served on the outgoing Board as well as senior management. The question is whether a proper inquiry can happen whilst the suspected culprits continue to work at the SABC?

We all know that the climate was never conducive for this Board to resolve this crisis and most of its members have resigned. But their replacement will solve nothing as long as the architects of the mess remain behind.

We call upon the House to support the decision of the Committee to investigate further the alleged looting and pillaging of SABC resources.

In the meantime, the Committee and the interim Board must immediately establish a task team to conduct a thorough skills and performance audit as well as investigate conflicts of interest of SABC executives.


I thank you.

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