Amendment to Electoral Act: IEC call - statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (11 June 2009)

The Multi-Party Forum (MPF) agrees fully with the IEC's clarion call that Section 24 (a) of the Electoral Act which allows registered voters to cast their ballots outside of their voting districts be amended. This very issue was discussed at length in a meeting between Political Party Leaders in Parliament held on 10 June 2009.

In the said meeting the leaders raised a number of issues including a need to regulate party funding, the independence of the IEC as well as the role of the Media and misuse of state resources during the elections.

The meeting however resolved to take up these matters with the Presidency. The meeting was attended by the following party leaders:

* DA: Honourable A Trollip
* COPE: Honourable M Dandala
* IFP: Honourable Prince M Buthelezi
* ID: Honourable H Hussein
* UDM: Honourable B Holomisa
* FF: Honourable P Mulder
* ACDP: Honourable C Dudley
* UCDP: Honourable M Matladi
* AZAPO: Honourable M Mangena
* PAC: Honourable L Mphahlele
* The Chief Whip of the majority party was invited but did not respond as the ANC is a member of this Forum.

This meeting is a sequel to a number of meetings between the MPF and IEC on the need to improve the running of elections in this Country. However, during those meetings with the IEC, it became clear that there would be issues in need of legislative framework. The leaders of the various political parties in parliament have therefore agreed to facilitate such a process.