Speech in the National Assembly in the debate on the election of the President by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (6 May 2009, Cape Town)

Mr Speaker and honourable Members

We need to say thank you to the voters who brought all of us here. We should also express our gratitude for the relatively peaceful manner in which the elections were conducted.

Collectively we must now recapture the lost ground of the past few years when service delivery took a backseat to other issues. Indications on the ground suggest that the population is becoming restless. Those who have studied the phases of revolution would be concerned about the signs of anarchy we are witnessing in our cities. It requires of the undivided attention of both the members of this House and the Executive in order to quickly address the grievances of the citizens. We need to urgently address those issues that promote lawlessness and anarchy.

It is for that reason therefore that we congratulate his Excellency President Zuma and his party, who have been mandated to govern.

We encourage you to deliver on that mandate and fulfil the promises you made to the electorate.

In the same vein, we must acknowledge that the opposition parties are not here by accident. We also have a mandate to play a certain role.

To all of us the interests of the country must come first, as opposed to the interests of our parties.

I want to assure the President and the public that the UDM will continue to act in the national interest when called upon to do so, as we have demonstrated in the past.

Indeed Mr President, we expect a far better relationship between the opposition parties and the ruling party in this House, as opposed to in the past. If we respect one another, I am sure that we can build a better and more prosperous society.

I thank you.

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