Zikalala is just a symptom of the problem statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (29 April 2009)

The UDM notes the decision by the SABC Board to relieve Snuki Zikhalala of his duties when his contract expires shortly.

The problem with this approach is that Snuki Zikalala was only a symptom of the real problem at the SABC; namely an inherent tendency to bend knee to the ruling party.

For instance, we were all told that SABC did not have the funding to provide live broadcast coverage for any election closing rallies. This position is understandable since we are aware that the SABC is in a grave financial state. However at the last minute the ANC insisted on coverage for their closing rally. All the other political parties were promised live coverage for their closing rallies, but this did not happen and only the ANC was given this hugely beneficial opportunity just before election day.

Whoever will replace Zikalala will be stepping into the same dilemma, where he/she will not be able to follow journalistic instinct and rather be expected to march to the tune of the ruling party.

We would like to thank Zikalala for the little coverage that he arranged for opposition parties in the past election, which was at least a huge improvement on the two national elections preceding that.