Open letter to President Motlanthe and Mr G Mantashe (ANC Secretary General) regarding "Retrenched mineworkers deprived of their court-awarded payout" from Bantu Holomisa, MP - UDM President (8 April 2009)
Dear Sirs

In 1991 Doornfontein Gold Mining Company retrenched more than 4000 of its workers following a strike. NUM took the matter to court; the mine was fined

R3 million, but on an appeal it lost in 1994, NUM were awarded a settlement on behalf of the workers of R6 million.

Since that time the workers have tried without any success to receive their payment. The mine assures them that NUM received the payment. NUM has given these workers the run-around for more than a decade. Most of the times their correspondence is not even acknowledged. They have approached various people, including Mr Mantashe at the time that he served as General Secretary of NUM.

As former senior office-bearers at the time that this unacceptable saga took place, I urge you to assist NUM to resolve this matter and pay these workers their dues.

I need not remind you that NUM takes great pride in the role it played in the early-90s through mass-action and strikes - indeed, NUM continues to this day to say so on its website and other forums. At the time, workers were encouraged to put their livelihoods on the line in pursuit of freedom, with the assurance from NUM that everything would be done to protect them.

That NUM could receive millions of rands on behalf of retrenched workers and then pocket the money, is an act of cruelty and betrayal.

Your cooperation will be appreciated.

Kindly advise
Bantu Holomisa, MP

Copied to: Mr S Zokwana (President - NUM)
Mr M Diliza (CE - Chamber of Mines of South Africa)

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