Zuma charges dropped; UDEMWO reaction statement by Mrs Kobela Raletjena (UDEMWO Secretary General) (06 April 2009)

The United Democratic Movement’s Women’s Organisation (UDEMWO) thinks it is an embarrassment that the NPA has dropped Jacob Zuma’s charges. There may have been an abuse of power, but we contend that only a court of law should determine whether Zuma is guilty of corruption or not.

The NPA’s credibility and integrity will be questioned because Acting NPA Head, Adv. Mpshe, was appointed when the NPA had already indicated that there was a strong case against Zuma. The nation will no longer have confidence in the NPA and the prosecuting services, because they have proved to be controlled by the ANC.

UDEMWO is concerned about the message sent by dropping the charges, as this means that high ranking officials committing crimes, including crimes against women and children, will not be prosecuted. Equality before the law will no longer apply, instead it would seem that some people are above the law. We believe the cloud over Zuma’s head and the stigma of corruption suspicions will never be cleared.