NPA should not let itself be intimidated by Zuma claims statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (20 March 2009)

The UDM notes with interest the supposed representations that have been made to the NPA to motivate for the dropping of charges against Jacob Zuma.

If the revelations in the Mail & Guardian are accurate, then it doesn't exonerate Jacob Zuma, it merely means that Thabo Mbeki also has questions to answer about the Arms Deal.

These representations and the concerted propaganda campaign of earlier this week have nothing to do with legal arguments, and everything to do with intimidating the NPA.

The NPA must resist this attempt at blackmail. The NPA Director must remind himself that his duty is to prosecute without fear or favour. What he should not do is to fall into the same trap that Judge Nicholson stepped, by making legal decisions based on allegations against third parties who have not even been given an opportunity in a court of law to put their side of the story.