Zuma must have his day in court - media statement by Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (18 March 2009)

Jacob Zuma must have his day in court. The rule of law depends on all being equal before the law. The people of South Africa have a legitimate expectation that once a person is charged he/she will have their day in court, especially an accused person who has been so thoroughly investigated and charged as Mr Zuma.

Any other outcome will only reinforce this perception that the ruling party is undermining the judicial system and the rule of law.

The UDM condemns Mo Shaik's cynical attempt at forcing the NPA to make an announcement that would suit his personal and political agenda. He implies that he has access to confidential prosecutorial communication. The NPA must refute his assertions and should charge him for illegal espionage and crimen injuria. He is misleading the public and playing the classic "agent provocateur" role that he did during the Hefer Commission saga. His spy-games and propaganda have no place in a healthy democracy.

The NPA must issue a clear statement outlining the current position and the processes that are underway.