Report from the Vaal University of Technology where Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP addressed students and staff (17 March 2009)

Today UDM President, Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP, gave an address to the students and staff at the Vaal University of Technology where he placed emphasis on the need to fight corruption.

The UDM Leader among other points, said that the surveys done by various institutions indicate that the last 15 years of the ANC rule has been characterised by corruption at the highest level. He said that the politicisation of civil service and Chapter 9 Institutions has led to what he called “institutionalised corruption”. He mentioned the corruption in the handing out of tenders to the ANC aligned businesses who in turn publicly pledge millions in financial support to the ruling party.

He told the attentive crowd that the reluctance by the South African government to investigate such things as the Arms Deal, the Oil Gate Scandal, and “Travelgate” has led to a lack of confidence of outside investors in SA. He said it is no wonder then that the direct investment which can create jobs in South African is not coming to South African shores.

Remedies which he said the UDM will embark upon will be to, firstly, make sure that the judiciary of this Country is independent from any form of intimidation.

Secondly, any official or politician who is charged with corruption must not be funded by the State to defend him or herself. “We will not have separate laws for the rich and poor.”

Thirdly, he added that the personnel of institutions such as NPA and the police, magistrates, judges and prosecutors should be trained and paid good salaries (so that they do not fall into the temptation of being corrupt).

He emphasised the need to restore the image of the police. Lawlessness and lack of discipline in general would have to be addressed. He added that there is a need to inculcate a culture of knowing how to distinguish between right and wrong.

Mr Holomisa also emphasised the need to invest in education and skills development. He said that the time has arrived for the Country to converge, identify and agree on the pillars on which our education can be built, in order to produce world class students and to avoid the current situation where students leave school lacking ability to read.