Zuma's expensive security is a symptom of a bigger problem - media statement by Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (13 March 2009)

We note the revelations of the extravagant level of security accorded to Jacob Zuma at taxpayer expense. We as taxpayers are the victims of a policy that is vulnerable to exploitation. For instance, how many former presidents and deputy presidents are we footing the bill for?

Considering that ruling party decisions have resulted in Mbeki and Mlambo-Ngcuka not finishing their terms, and President Motlanthe might not be returned to office either. Along with Zuma that amounts to four people in less than one term of office who are now entitled to privileges as ex-Presidents or Deputy Presidents.

Nor is that the end of the costs. The taxpayer is footing legal bills. There should be better regulation of expenses that the taxpayer covers - for instance we need legislation to explicitly preclude the taxpayer from paying for the legal bills of such a person if they are facing criminal charges.

Much of this situation could be resolved if we have separately-elected President who is directly accountable to the citizens. Then privileges could not be abused by the political party he belongs to, because currently it seems the ANC is using presidential privileges as perks and golden handshakes for those who they deploy and remove from high office without consulting the voters or their representatives in Parliament.