UDM opposes ANC women's unilateral actions statement by Mrs Thandi Nontenja (National Treasurer) (9 March 2009)

A three-day summit at Airport Grand Hotel under the banner of Progressive Women Movement of South Africa was recently hosted.

The summit was dominated by the ANC and its alliance members; COSATU, SANCO, NEHAWU with only 2 delegates from the UDM and one from the IFP. When the ANC suggested a declaration calling for the immediate establishment of a Women's Ministry as per "Polokwane resolution", the UDM registered their reservation on the matter citing lack of consultation and the fact that this was supposed to be a summit representing the women of South Africa and not an extension of ANC Women's League. The UDM questioned the fact that the delegation was dominated by the ANC and its alliance partners.

After a lot of bickering and booing on the side of the ANC, the summit resolved that member organizations should be given thirty days to submit their inputs on the subject; the declaration was abandoned.

It's appalling that the ANC always steamrolls issues under the banner of South Africans whereas only its members and alliance partners benefit out of these schemes, e.g. BEE etc.

Of particular concern is the revelation at that summit that NEHAWU Investments funded the three-day event together with IDT. The question is did NEHAWU consult the workers as they are not all members of the ANC?

This summit seems to have been little more than thinly-disguised electioneering by the ANC - who have failed the women of South Africa on a number of issues and now hope that women voters can be enticed with promises of a Women's Ministry to make them forget about those failures.