Open Letter to the President of South Africa regarding The deepening scandal around Mr Schabir Shaik's parole from Bantu Holomisa, MP - UDM President (8 March 2009)

Dear Sir

The abovementioned matter refers.

I believe that you can no longer remain silent on this deepening crisis. The Minister of Correctional Services’ bellicose attitude on the matter has done nothing to inspire confidence, and with every new revelation his behaviour seems part of a broader conspiracy to undermine the rule of law in order to grant Mr Shaik freedom when he should be serving time in prison.

We are dismayed by the latest revelation that the Head of Cardiology at Albert Luthuli hospital, Professor DP Naidoo, discharged Mr Shaik 4 months ago; essentially ruling that Mr Shaik was healthy enough to return to prison. His ruling was apparently ignored by people with no medical qualifications, aided by medical practitioners of lesser rank and experience than Professor Naidoo.

I call on you to launch an immediate investigation. I propose the appointment of a 3-person commission, consisting of a Judge and two respected medical practitioners who specialise in Mr Shaik’s alleged condition. Such a Commission would be in the interests of Mr Shaik, his family, and society. They need to interview all the people involved, including all the staff at the hospital who were in any way involved in Mr Shaik’s treatment. Such a Commission can rule on the validity of Mr Shaik’s parole and also on the conduct of the medical practitioners and the Correctional Services staff during the course of this matter.

I call on you to do the country a favour and dispel suspicions that this interim Executive after President Mbeki’s recall is not merely here to do the dirty work of Mr Zuma and his supporters prior to their anticipated rise to power.

Minister Balfour’s behaviour smacks of somebody who is doing everything in his power to ingratiate himself with the incoming administration in order to ensure his reappointment.

You are reputed to have integrity, please prove to the nation that you are more than just the willing puppet of people who have not been elected by the citizens and who are remotely using this Executive to institute profoundly unconstitutional decisions.

Yours sincerely
Bantu Holomisa, MP

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