Schabir Shaik's release - media statement by Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (3 March 2009)

The UDM disagrees with the decision to release Schabir Shaik on 'medical' parole; he does not qualify in terms of the law.

We believe it must be seen in the context of a continuous campaign by the ruling party to undermine the judiciary of this country when it comes to its high-ranking members and those connected to them.

Just this past weekend Jacob Zuma said in an interview that he would pardon Schabir Shaik if he became President; and now a few days later Mr Shaik is released.

When we look at these events it explains the unseemly haste to remove Thabo Mbeki, and disband the Scorpions; it was done so that the ruling party's lackeys - such as Mr Motlanthe - can come in a take these despicable decisions. It is all part of a concerted effort to subvert, undermine or destroy anything and any person that stands between the ruling faction and their quest for power.