UDM Election 2009 candidates unveiled statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (2 March 2009)

The UDM candidate lists for the 2009 elections have been finalised. We will be submitting to the Independent Electoral Commission today. We will in due time introduce our top candidates to the media and public.

The UDM arrived at these lists after a wide-ranging consultation process within our structures. This process culminated in a Special National Council meeting on Friday 27 February, where the extended national, provincial leadership and delegates from our provincial structures of the UDM carefully considered each candidate.

Throughout the process we were guided by the following considerations:
Candidates, especially the top candidates, were chosen for their ability to represent the UDM and the voters in specialist portfolios.

Gender and Youth representation
We encouraged UDM structures to ensure that women and the youth were not overlooked during the nomination and selection processes for candidates.

Nationwide representation
We encouraged UDM structures to ensure that candidates from all over the country were nominated; similarly, within provinces, we encouraged the nomination of candidates from all regions.

In line with the UDM’s Vision as a political home for all South Africans, we encouraged UDM structures to nominate candidates from all demographic groups in the country.

The UDM is satisfied that we have managed to produce a list of candidates that reflect the basic composition of South African society, and who have the expertise and enthusiasm to be meaningful servants of the people after the elections.