Letter to Mrs AND Qikani regarding Complaint by Mr Godo, Ms Novokoza and others - Transkei Road Transport Corporation (TRTC) pensions from Mr GT Madikiza, MP (Chief Whip) (12 February 2009)

Dear Hon Mrs Qikani

I have been approached by the above group severally and individually alleging that they approached you in your personal capacity and as a Member of Parliament to assist them to secure their pensions with their former employer, the Transkei Road Transport Corporation (TRTC).

They alleged that you agreed to assist them by approaching Alexander Forbes Pension Investment Company and that you wanted them to come in big groups to make your task easier.

They further allege that you agreed to assist them for a R100 administrative fee per person.

They claim to have received no feedback/progress report on this subject from yourself for a long time and that they don't get you on the phone.

They are now worried about this breakdown in communications, hence their approach to me.

Regarding the above, I have two requests:

a. Whether I can give them your present cellular phone number, and
b. That you give them a progress report as soon as possible.

This issue of a "little consideration of R100" for administrative fees came as a surprise to me, I must admit. This sort of work I would have taken for constituency work which Parliament pays for in every respect and for which the Member is already remunerated.

If, for any other reason, you are in no position to continue to assist these people, would you be willing to hand over this matter to myself to continue where you left off?


GT Madikiza, MP
UDM Chief Whip

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