State of the Nation statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (3 February 2009)

The President's speech was not surprising. The UDM notes that many of the promises and commitments he has made are not new. Whilst the President's effort to inspire hope is commendable, he has failed to indicate how the policy goals he talked about will be achieved now, if the ANC Government has consistently failed to do so in the past.

For instance, how will his often-stated commitment to fighting corruption and crime be implemented when leaders of his party are dodging their day in court?

The same concerns can be raised about his commitments to improving service delivery, stimulating economic growth and fighting poverty. The Executive and the civil service are riddled with low morale and suspicion due to the ANC's infighting.

The UDM maintains that economic growth and job creation will depend on Government doing more.

The President's speech - in the end - boils down to rhetoric. Great-sounding electioneering, but he's not even sure who will be there after the election to deliver on these promises.

Can we trust them to deliver? We think not.