UDM welcomes 500 new members statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (31 January 2009)

Today the United Democratic Movement welcomes 500 new members, from a range of political parties in Cape Town. Among the 120 of the new members are people from the former Moderate Independent Party, along with their leader Malcolm Taylor and his executive. Other groups come from areas as Strandfontein and Philippi.

The UDM believes that their joining the organisation is a new paradigm and will no doubt strengthen the party in this province. Earlier on Mr Holomisa also had the privilege to address a church service in Gugulethu in NY24. There is no doubt in anybody's mind that the UDM is one of the fastest growing political parties in this Country.

Holomisa said that: "Together as UDM members, we must not fail South Africa and the continent. We need to reclaim the lost ground by making sure that never again shall we put all of our eggs in one basket. South Africa doesn't need a one party dominance, it deserves better. Here in the Western Cape, in the past that both the DA and ANC have been playing with the sentiments of the voters, especially the poor. They have become voting cattle of these two parties, with no service delivery. The political bickering witnessed in this area over the years between the DA and ANC has affected the improvement of infrastructure in the informal settlements. "

"I campaigned for the ANC in the early 1990's in this area, but the landscape is not changing. We still have informal settlements along the N1; people are still confronted with refuse being dumped all over the place. On the other hand levels of poverty and unemployment are increasing in the white, coloured and African areas. It is for that reason that the United Democratic Movement, is not shy in its policies and manifesto to call for the government to do more. The new members now need to familiarise themselves with our UDM manifesto and spread the gospel. Briefly the points we have identified are as follows,

1. Economy. We need to fix our Economy because it continues to produce jobless growth

2. Safety and justice. The UDM wants to protect you, unlike the ruling party who seem intent on protecting its own from the law.

3. Education. Improve educational infrastructure, including human resources, physical infrastructure, as well as teaching material and equipment. UDM supports free public education from primary school up to Grade 12, as well as government assistance for students in select subjects, namely engineering, that will contribute to the overall economic and social development of the country.

4. Clean Governance. We advocate a correct relationship between politicians and officials. The current culture of political interference in the daily administration of our Government causes bureaucratic chaos and fuels corruption and tender fraud.

5. Reliable Health Care. The UDM Government will improve public health facilities and services including the maintenance of hospitals and clinics. Increase the number of hospitals and clinics and upgrade facilities to deal with the massive increase in demand to the HIV/Aids pandemic.

6. Environment. The UDM believes that, through the implementation of biodiversity programmes, thousands of jobs can be created. The UDM believes that it is possible to generate jobs and business opportunities, whilst being environmentally responsible.

7. Electoral System. Power your voters. In order to improve accountability, the first major step we need to take is the introduction of constituencies into the PR system, to ensure that politicians have specific, geographically defined communities they represent. Electoral laws must be changed to allow for a respectively elected president, in that way we will put the power back in the hands of the voters, to determine who their president and MPs will be."