The UDM 2009 Election Manifesto is the answer - statement by Ms Kobela Raletjena (UDEMWO Secretary General) (29 January 2009)

The United Democratic Movement Women's Organisation (UDEMWO) fully supports the UDM 2009 Election Manifesto.

We believe that the UDM approach for 2009 Election is well articulated and responding adequately to the wishes of South African women. From the seven key areas reflected in the UDM manifesto for 2009 election, we wish to emphasize Education. Currently the system that we have in the country frustrates almost everybody.

Since 1994, the Education Ministry has introduced policies/systems. Many of these have proven to be irrelevant for this country, especially since copied models do not suit the challenges and requirements of this country. This is demonstrated by the results for the 2008 matric class, as well as the delay in releasing the results for the matric learners. For a leaner that cannot access and afford resources like a newspaper, computer, Internet, TV and library, OBE is a worthless exercise. The worst part is that the educators who are expected to produce positive results; they themselves cannot cope and properly interpret this OBE.

One of the major challenges is the ruling party's strategy of appointing and employing its inexperienced, incapable, unqualified and incompetent comrades in the name of "deployment". They are busy demoting and sideling qualified individuals to pave way for their comrades.