Bantu Holomisa's comments at a UDM rally at the Mandela Sports Ground in Kathlehong (18 January 2009)

'We are meeting here today to spread the gospel of the UDM in one of the most powerful electoral regions in Gauteng province.'

'We are meeting at a time when all political parties are busy preparing for the election this year. We will be unveiling our election manifesto on 24 January at NASREC Conference Centre outside Soweto. You will recall that the 2004 election manifesto was launched in KZN, and this time it is the turn of Gauteng.'

'We originally planned for 3000 delegates at the manifesto launch - representing all the structures of the UDM - but due to the high interest shown we will now be hosting 4000 UDM members. Gauteng as host province has been allocated 2500 delegates.'

On international affairs Mr Holomisa said:
'While I'm here we need to also speak about the issues that affect communities here in South Africa, even though the conflict is occurring in the Middle East. It is true that from as early as the 1970s this conflict has never been allowed to be solved through multi-lateral forums, it has always been a testing ground for the foreign policy of the USA. So the hopes are now pinned on Mr Obama, who has created so much hype and hope across the world, that at last there might be a solution to this problem. The UDM foresees that this can only be solved if the USA would change its attitude and the way of doing things, and accepts the concept of solving problems through multi-lateral forums. Their consistent vetoing of the views of the rest of the world on this issue will compromise the celebrated image of Mr Obama and his government. The bottomline is that this carnage is too much, and whoever thinks that the use of violence solves problems, must be condemned in the strongest terms. The so-called unilateral ceasefire, without being monitored by the UN Security Council will not take that troubled region anywhere.'

On the continuing Arms Deal revelations:
'Coming back home, we continue to read nauseating stories about the Arms Deal. As we have been saying for years, this thing is eating into the body politic of the ruling party like a cancerous tumour, but is also tarnishing the image of the country. We call on government to appoint a Preliminary Investigation headed by a judge to determine whether there are grounds for a full independent Judicial Commission of Enquiry. It is high time that we resolve the entire issue, even if that means that a range of high-ranking people are prosecuted.'

On ANC interference in Government:
'It seems now that the ANC is turning against President Mothlante on why he had not signed certain legislation - specifically on the Scorpions and SABC. The ruling party must stop fooling themselves and follow the proper constitutional channels. There are clear lines between the powers of Parliament, Government and parties outside of Government, yet they keep bending the rules. Mr Mothlante has been petitioned by South African citizens to refer the Scorpions Bill to the Constitutional Court and he is empowered/protected by law to do so. If the ANC is so eager to disband the Scorpions and SABC Board, why can't they wait three months to get a mandate from the voters' Why do they want Mothlante to do this dirty job for them?'

'I would encourage the SABC Board to go to the High Court to apply for to relief and interdict against such action.'

'If the ruling party wants to disband the Scorpions and SABC Board, as well as replace the NPA leadership, they must go to the voters seeking such a mandate and see who emerges the victor from these elections.'

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