Minister Pandor, what is Mathematics Literacy? - statement by Mrs Thandi Nontenja (UDM National Treasurer) (14 January 2009)

The dilemma facing 2008 matriculants is that they cannot be admitted to most faculties in universities regardless of getting distinctions in the subject of Mathematics Literacy. We all know that South Africa is short of Chartered Accountants and Auditors, however, due to Naledi Pandor's 'Mathematics Literacy', 2008 matriculants are unable to study in the Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences.

Where did this Mathematics Literacy come from? What research was done about it? Which faculty does it fall under? The UDM calls for a reviewal of the curriculum and the subjects taught under the curriculum. We cannot afford subjects that destroy the future of our children. Previously children committed suicide because they failed.

Lately, children are on the brink of committing suicide out of frustration because the piece of paper in their hands is worth nothing after studying so hard. Minister Pandor should hang her head in shame and should take full responsibility for the mess in the Education Department.