Appeal Court ruling in Zuma corruption case - statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa (UDM President) (12 January 2009)

The UDM notes the ruling of the Supreme Court of Appeal in favour of the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) with regards to the corruption case against ANC President, Mr Zuma.

Firstly, we call upon Mr Zuma to stop these endless legal delaying tactics and face his day in court - as he has been pleading for years. He must stop wasting time and resources and simply demonstrate his innocence before a court of law, like any other citizen would have been obliged to do. Secondly, the Appeal Court judgment raises very serious concerns about the conduct of Judge Nicholson; he has embarrassed not only himself, but also the Judge President who appointed him to the case. His baseless inferences and unjustified conclusions were used as the excuse to remove Mr Mbeki as Head of State. These inferences and conclusions have now been clearly exposed as unfounded and contrary to proper judicial procedure. Therefore Judge Nicholson's behaviour must be thoroughly investigated by the Judicial Service Commission.

The Polokwane lynch mob had spread many lies and defamations about the NPA.

The Appeal Court's ruling has restored the credibility and dignity of the National Prosecuting Authority. It also restores faith in the judicial system to act without fear or favour in the exercise of justice.