UDM acknowledges the resignation of Mrs Qikani, MP - statement by Mr Bantu Holomisa, MP (UDM President) (6 January 2009)

The UDM has taken note of a letter of resignation from Mrs A.D.N. Qikani, MP from the party and has accepted it without any reservations.

Towards the end of last year the NEC received and acknowledged her resignation as President of UDEMWO after a vote of no confidence was passed by our women's structures of all provinces, to the effect that she was dividing them and had no programme of building the women structures. This resignation comes as no surprise as she may have realised that she might not make it to Parliament in the forthcoming 2009 elections.

Be that as it may, we thank her and her family for the contribution they have made to the Party. We thank the UDM structures in Mnquma Municipality for constantly briefing the UDM of her family activities in recruiting UDM members for other parties. She has now made things easy for the UDM, for it would present an embarrassing situation for her as she is aware that the NEC, in its sitting on 17 January 2009, would decide on her fate.

We wish her good luck in her new sphere of work.