UDM welcomes 250 branch members, formerly from the ANC statement by the UDM President (12 December 2008)

Today Bantu Holomisa is in Qunu Administrative area, in a village called Empa, in the Eastern Cape to welcome 250 new UDM branch members, formerly from the ANC. Herewith a summarised version of his speech with some extracts.

Mr Holomisa welcomed the new members from the ANC, especially the women leaders, because they, as well-known members of the ANC Youth League in the area, led the initiative to join the UDM. Mr Holomisa said: "You are bringing a wealth experience to the UDM."

Mr Holomisa further said: "By joining the UDM, you can help to improve service delivery by ensuring that the ANC does not rule this province alone, or even at all, after the next election. It is through the ballot box that the people of this province will ensure a coalition government rules this province. Only then can we hope to see service delivery and the elimination of corruption which has become endemic in the province."

Mr Holomisa also encouraged people to attend tomorrow's UDM rally at Ngagelizwe Rotary stadium in Umtata. He called on the UDM members to demonstrate during this rally that the people of the Eastern Cape are politically mature, unlike the ANC's laager mentality with ethnic tendencies in KZN, where intolerance, intimidation and disruption of other parties' events are commonplace. Mr Holomisa said: "Tomorrow at the same that we will be holding our rally in Umtata, Mr Zuma will also be holding a rally in the vicinity. Let us demonstrate our political maturity by practicing tolerance, even if they seem incapable of that."