Pikoli not being reinstated statement by the UDM President (08 December 2008)

The UDM is not surprised that Mr Pikoli is not being reinstated. The finding of the Ginwala Commission is that he is fit to hold that office, but it won't be the first time that the ANC Government ignores the findings of Commissions it has appointed, such as it did with the Khampepe Commission into the Scorpions.

It has been the ANC's strategy for several years to purge certain members of the NPA leadership. The NPA's independence does not suit the agenda of the Polokwane lynch mob. It must be remembered that Mr Pikoli was the one who reinstituted charges against Mr Zuma; clearly he is being punished for not delivering a verdict that suits the palace.

It shows again that the common denominator between Mbeki, Zuma and Motlante is their stubborn refusal to address what lies at the heart of several years of political shenanigans, namely the Arms Deal.

This decision not to reinstate Mr Pikoli will cost the taxpayer millions as he needs to be paid compensated. The deployment strategy of the ANC is brought into the spotlight again. It is clear that people are sent to head institutions to promote and protect the ANC, but the moment that such people show any backbone, integrity or independence they are hounded out of office.

It once more demonstrates the need to depoliticise the civil service so that the best people are appointed and kept.