Last UDM NEC statement by UDM Secretary General (27 November 2008)

The United Democratic Movement is to hold its last National Executive Committee meeting for the year where we will finalise discussions relating to the UDM's manifesto, which is due to be published in January 2009.

The UDM will look at ways of promoting our policies on the 'big five' burning issues, which we believe are most critical for voters. These are:
1) economic growth and job creation for socio-economic development,
2) the combating of crime and creating a safe South Africa,
3) proper education for our children,
4) fighting corruption and nepotism, and
5) the reform of the electoral system to ensure greater accountability of politicians to voters.

In addition to these issues we will also address other important challenges for prominent inclusion in our manifesto such as Health and Housing.

The UDM NEC will also deliberate on the party's list process and fine-tune our administrative and campaign strategies in preparation for the upcoming elections.